September 15

Are you struggling in one or more areas of your life?

I understand exactly what this is like. I was born into a family of severe abuse and well into adulthood. I was reacting to the world with symptoms, typical of someone with severe PTSD and complex trauma. I had rages, I had nightmares. I had depression, anxiety, deep and intense grief. The list literally just goes on. If you’d like to know more about my story, then you can watch my video Stemming The Flow, which is on my About Me page or my YouTube channel.

Back when I started my journey 30 plus years ago, there really only was the traditional therapies. And while I did all the ‘right things’, unfortunately for me, and for many, many others, they in fact made me worse, not better.

However, I do have a strong will to live and to heal. So I went it alone.

There was also no internet, so I couldn’t research practitioners who were getting the results that I wanted or therapies nor could I join any support group to get the support that I needed. There were no forums of like-minded people, nothing like that.

There was also no plan or strategy for me to implement. It literally was trial and error.

Sometimes I would have incredible breakthroughs. And other times I felt that life wasn’t worth living.

The good news is I did heal. And those 30 plus years of studying and trying different healing modalities, and now 10 years of working with other people to heal them. I now know what works fast, what shifts things permanently and what doesn’t require the constant unpacking of emotionally painful memories to get those results.

I know you can heal because I did, literally anything that you are struggling with, you can overcome with the right tools, the right strategy and the right support. And I offer all of those, but you don’t need to take my word for it. You can look at all of my testimonials and reviews from clients that I’ve already worked with.

Time does not heal all wounds, it just wallpaper over them.

So if you would like to heal, not manage, but actually heal the mental and emotional conflicts in your life and stop this struggling and oscillating between patterns in your life… then please let’s chat. Let’s have a conversation about how we can reshape your world and change your future.


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So what is PSYCH-K®?

So what is PSYCH-K®?
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