September 15

Awareness Technique How and Why I use it

My Awareness Technique comes from a place of Being. Being Aware of Awareness, and it is one of the most profound ways I have found to transform your life. It is a blend of concepts and techniques I have learnt over the years that I have just kinda molded together and work with intuitively depending on the clients needs before me. Deceptively simple, it is easily overlooked, but once you get the hang of it and start to work with it you realise its strength. The difficulty lies in that most of us spend our lives in our heads, this is a change of perspective where you come from Awareness and so it will feel uncomfortable at first to stay in this place only because you are in a comfort zone and to leave there takes discipline and practice.


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So what is PSYCH-K®?

So what is PSYCH-K®?
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