Improving Your Money Imprinting

One of the things I’ve noticed with so many clients, especially those with traumatic childhoods, is the difficulties they have around money. A lot of this stems from feelings of lack around safety, trust and a myriad of other emotions, most of it way, way down in the subconscious – essentially conditioning.


How you perceive money will impact how you use it, how you value yourself, it will also effect your career and your relationships. In short, how you feel about money impacts all areas of your life.

Money represents freedom, security and also a sense of trust that everything is going to be ok. If you didn’t have this as a child or if you have witnessed your parent struggling with money you are going to unconsciously emulate that in your adult life, i.e. sabotage patterns

You get money but cant keep it, you make a bad investment decision or something happens out of the blue and you lose it, maybe you spend it frivolously, or you can’t seem to land a job where you get paid what you are worth, you are too scared to ask for a pay rise, you get just enough clients so you can keep your head above water but nothing more… the list goes on.

A lot of this stuff is generational, some of it is Karmic (if you believe in that) some of it is current life.

So last year I put together a program called Improving Your Money Imprinting, it was based on a subliminal I had developed and 6 group sessions.

I wasn’t sure if it would work so I took a small group of people who were willing to trial it for me through the program to test its effectiveness and what I could do to perfect it.

The results were really good. We were all very happy and the feedback was fantastic

Some of the feedback:

The program I completed with Caroline over 6 weeks has definitely improved my mindset around money and success. I’ve gone from someone who was really anxious around money to someone who feels capable and confident around it. My self belief has increased around success and also my ability to manage my money. Participating in this course was one of the best decisions I have made and the value give was excellent.

Caroline is an incredible creator and facilitator of this unique program. I love the way her energy work blends with other modalities to amplify the results. My money story has lessened it’s hold over me and I feel like I have an easier comradeship with money than I did going into this work. I feel that the ties and binds have been loosened and that I’m in a much better space to receive and allow the abundance to more naturally flow to me.

First day doing the subliminal I had an increase in jobs by three times the amount, and then it when down a little and back up for awhile until I got sick. A week later my partner went to bed at 6am and I woke up to do the subliminal meditation and he was fast asleep beside me I just did the meditation next to him and over the next days my partner tripled his online sales and makes three times the amount of money and he is still earning that amount. I then thought the next day maybe it was a mistake and by accident as i had no idea the impact this mediation has on someone deep asleep doing nothing. I still haven’t mentioned it to him about the subliminal so he has no idea but he has increased his income also.

I loved this program. The meditation was easy and joyful to do and I looked forward to it. It also made me increase my meditation time on a (mostly) daily basis which had multiple benefits. The meetings were really enlightening and I enjoyed the gatherings immensely. It was so interesting to see what popped up every week, it was sometimes very surprising, but always insightful. The program has definitely made me think about money differently which has had a major impact on my future focus, plans, and potential financial outcomes. I would highly recommend this program to anyway who wants to shift their focus around money and allow more abundance to flow into their life.

I loved this work! It was a chance to properly focus on the different aspects of my beliefs and feelings and traumas relating to money. I had the chance to slow down and open up and truly be present to what was going on for me. Caroline did massive changes in our weekly group work that showed up instantly in my back account, and I found her subliminal recording very soothing and supportive. I highly recommend!

Now after listening to the feedback, I have perfected the audio, added some elements to the group sessions changed others and am now putting it out there to a larger group – you.

If you are stressed and/or struggling with money or your finances in general and would like some help to bring all of that under control and to feel more positive then this opportunity is for you. I am running another test group through the program, opening next week for pre program homework, starting group sessions and subliminal the week after.


Tuesday, Mar 7, 2023


The first week will be completing a questionnaire – this will take time and ideally would be done in one hit over about 3 hours. What came out of the first group was the people who did this and took the time to really understand what was going on for them financially and money wise got the best results. HINT: If you skimp on this then you already know you have one money program running – avoidance.


There is also a 30min subliminal to be listened to daily, this will be released the morning after the Intro session on March 15th. This is active listening, so dedicated time. If you would also like to listen to it whilst sleeping or walking in nature, as some of the last participants did, you are welcome to but at least once a day actively. There will be 2 versions, one with Solfeggio’s and one with a rainscape.

Group Sessions: Run weekly on Wednesday nights.

The sessions will be 1 – 1.5 hours long. Each one is designed so if you have other beliefs for example, we did not get to in the group sessions then you will ba able to use these recordings to work on those and I recommend you do that.

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2023 – 6:45pm
Group Session 1: Intro Session & Beliefs
These will be based on the questionnaire responses

Thursday, Mar 16, 2023 – 6:45pm
Subliminal-Improving Your Money Imprinting
Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023 – 6:45pm
Group Session 2: Releasing Shame
This might be where you are financially in your life or even something you have done with money you are ashamed of (stealing, bad investments, business failure, not asking for what you are worth etc)

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023 – 6:45pm
Group Session 3: Debt, Traumas and Toxic Money
Money that comes with a negative emotional price or battle and is money you need to survive – child support you are owed, battles over inheritances… puts you in victim mode and creates an energy of having to prove you need it to survive.

Wednesday, Apr 5, 2023 – 6:45pm
Group Session 4: ReAligning Your Sensory Experience
This sessions we work on how you Feel, Hear, See, Taste and Smell money

Wednesday, Apr 12, 2023 – 6:45pm
Group Session 5: Transforming your Concept
Here we take your concept of money and either tweek it or change it completely.

Wednesday, Apr 19, 2023 – 6:45pm
Group Session 6: Opening up to Limitless Abundance

Wednesday, Apr 26, 2023 – 6:45pm
Bonus Session – River of Money Hypnosis