With the help of PSYCH-K® achieving your own unique flow can help you fly high

Redesign your life to live as you’ve always wanted to – ‘on purpose.’


PSYCH-K® synchronises the left and right hemispheres of the brain to lead you back to a ‘Whole-Brain’ state.

As this happens, your subconscious mind is able to install a new belief, and/or new perspective, that neutralises the inner-conflict of your past and enables you to feel calm and at ease in both thoughts and emotions around what's occurred.

What a PSYCH-K® Session with me looks like

Step 1: Determine

PSYCH-K® uses muscle-testing to determine where you are 'weak' or ‘out of balance’. It could be related to a belief, an event, a situation...or even a person.

Step 2: Posture/s

Using muscle-testing again, PSYCH-K® determines which whole brain posture, (done comfortably in your chair) is best suited to bring you back into balance – both emotionally and mentally.

Step 3: Belief

Then the muscle test is used to check against the belief/ event/person/situation we are working on. The process is quite simple and highly effective. When the hemispheres of your brain align, you actually feel the shift.

For some the shift is huge, while others experience a more subtle feeling.

Note: The focus whilst in the postures is always on the transformation you are wanting to achieve. I will be there to guide you and offer suggestions you resonate with to keep focused on your outcome, but your internal determination and intent to change and stay focused on your wanted outcome whilst in the posture is the difference between a big shift and a milder one.

What you can expect after a PSYCH-K® Session

The most common response I have from clients is that they feel ‘lighter.’ Instead of worrying about things for days, weeks, or even months, youʼll have a greater ability to forget about situations that used to cause you stress. You might still get angry...but it won’t last as long. You will respond to things in a more positive way. It can't ‘cure’ what is going on for you, but it can lessen your reaction to it.

By lessening your triggers, your emotional stress is reduced too – leaving you more relaxed, happier. I believe in its benefits so much that I use it extensively for grief, trauma, bullying, anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions, procrastination and the feeling of being ‘stuck’, as well as the unique trauma of facing a terminal illness diagnosis... and lots more.