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So what is PSYCH-K®?

So what is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® is a set of processes that allows us to first identify and then change subconscious beliefs and stressful situations.

Its these subconscious beliefs and stressors that limits us as human beings and prevents us from experiencing our full potential.

I love love love this technique and like all the tools in my toolbox it’s highly effective across multiple conditions …..

anything from everyday stresses of bills, work and family, friends and coworkers…

maybe there is someone irritating you at work or your mother is giving you grief or you would love to have an intimate relationship but its just not happening

Perhaps its money bills and finances causing you stress

Or weight is your problem

Or you are suffering a physical illness such as cancer or fibromyalgia ….

Psych-k® is amazing at not only getting to the emotional origin of physical ailments but also at relieving pain and I’ve used it effectively on all sorts of things from illnesses to headaches and migraines to twisted ankles and beyond.

It is also been wonderful for treating depression, anxiety and phobias which are usually gone in a session.

The other thing I love about psych-k® is I don’t need to know what your issue is… so if you have had some traumatic event or something that you’re too embarrassed to talk about but know you need to clear – then PSYCH-K® is perfect for you.

It all I need you to do is give me some basic information such as what are you feeling and we work from there I don’t need to know any more of the details whatsoever and it still works a treat.

So how does PSYCH-K® work?

Using muscle testing we identify the imbalances in either the belief system or the body

We then put you into what’s called a whole brain posture….
there are a few of these which we again muscle test to determine which is the best for this particular situation and it’s this whole brain posture which enables the two hemispheres of the brain to work synchronistically which enables change to occur quickly and permanently.

You do actually feel the shift,

For somethings the shift is huge for others it’s slight…. But again the ‘shift’ required is determined by the situation or belief and will be different every time you use it.

The most common response I have from clients is that they feel different, they can’t quite put their finger on it but they just feel different.

The other thing I love about PYSCH-K® is it’s cumulative so the changes keep happening.

So if any of this has resonated and you are interested in using PSYCH-K® to make changes in your life get in contact either by phone or using the contact form below.


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