Client Testimonials

Two years ago, I was fortunate to be recommended to Caroline Connor. Yet, I was a newbie to the self-development and healing game only just scratching the surface with courses, spiritual, books, yoga and meditation – essentially, I worked on my conscious state.

Like many of us, I resisted not wanting to face the unknown, my subconscious and superconscious, avoiding getting the root cause of my PTSD, smoking addiction, my false subconscious beliefs post-relationship breakup, and fear of starting my own business mid-Covid lockdown in Melbourne.

I finally took the plunge late January 2020 and met with Caroline, having no idea what was about to happen next; I was naturally nervous but was pleasantly surprised by how relaxing and liberating the sessions were. Her gentle, tailored, holistic approach is what sets her apart from other practitioners.

I felt safe to dive into different matters each time and I walked out (or ended zoom calls during lockdown) feeling a weight had been lifted from me – a lightness I’ve never felt before.

Depending on what I wanted to work on, we explored ‘Psych K’ for some sessions, and ‘Hypnotherapy’, and most recently, ‘Mapping’ for others. I was healed from each of the issues presented during each session. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since that session and started my own business, have completely moved on from the PTDS and the breakup. To say the work Caroline and I did has transformed me is an understatement.

If you want to free yourself from a self-limiting subconscious belief in one efficient session, then Caroline Connor is your answer. The next thing we will work is my fear of heights as I’m skydiving this year.

- Anna/Melbourne

When I hit a slump after a series of challenging situations I reached out to Caroline Connor for support. Whilst I expected I would see results, what I did not expect were the incredible results and transformations that have occurred in me. Caroline’s manner and approach were instantly reassuring and I felt very safe to relax and trust the process and it was halfway through my session that I actually felt myself ‘let go’ of the fear and scarcity that I did not even realise was present. I have been amazed at the amount of positive changes that have occurred since and I am very grateful to Caroline for her professionalism and skill as a practitioner I highly recommend Caroline Connor.

- Catherine, Sydney

"I had a couple of sessions with Caroline.

I have been aware that many things external to me, trigger my internal issues. This results in difficult feelings and emotion in my body. I have looked at those issues, but the feelings still come up.

Each time I worked with Caroline I found that the things around me were significantly less likely to trigger the difficult physical sensations and emotions.

The sessions with Caroline felt safe and comfortable. The effects were powerful.

I would recommend Caroline’s help to most people. I am likely to use her assistance again in future.

-Dr Andrew Green, Melbourne

Working with Caroline has been transformative and eye-opening. The link between past experiences and present behaviours have blown my mind a number of times. Things I thought I’d successfully dealt with and let go because I’m a grown woman with logic and reason at my disposal. 

But the conscious mind only steers, it’s the subconscious mind that drives. It drove my self-limiting behaviours, drove my triggers, drove my angry outbursts – because logic and reason hadn’t dealt with anything, it had all been supressed.

Each session with Caroline puts to rest parts of me that have been holding onto pain, leading to a calmer me. Tension I didn’t know I had would drain out of me. Now I regularly find myself staying calm in situations that would previously have had me shouting. I can speak up when dissatisfied when previously I would clam up so I wouldn’t end up shouting. I never thought of myself as an angry person, but when I look back, there was a lot of shouting.

As I look forward, I’m confident that I can use that logic and reason instead of being hijacked by my past.

- Maria Aptekar Sydney

When I first went to see Caroline I was struggling with commitment issues due to my dad being emotionally, psychologically and physically abusive growing up. From the first session I got amazing results. I have subsequently been to Caroline for various issues, some more serious than others. Two particular times I saw Caroline I was in an extremely bad place where I could not leave the house from crippling anxiety and panic attacks which she solved both times in 1 session.

Since taking part in Caroline's therapy which is very un-orthodox and unique. my friends and family have noticed I have become a lot more communicative in a positive manner, I have noticed I am more open towards people in general and not closed off to the possibility to meeting a partner, I have overcome some very traumatic experiences and have let go of a lot of anger and resentment I was holding onto for most of my life. I have sent countless family and friends to see Caroline and they have had extraordinary results! am truly grateful for Caroline's help over the past few years and can honestly say I do not know where I would be without her.

You definitely have to have an open mind and be ready for change before accepting the type of therapy Caroline offers.

- Sal, Melbourne

I found these sessions very helpful. It was the beginning of reintegration with my dissasociated parts and its been a long journey but I've come far with my progress and feeling realigned again, something I hadn't felt for years. The PTSD and anxiety has eased a lot. Thank you!

- Shannon - NSW

I was feeling stuck in certain areas in my life. There seemed to be a particular theme that kept repeating in different facets of my life, no matter what I tried this pattern just kept happening. I was becoming very tired of the mental drain it caused, and starting to lose faith in myself and the belief I could be happy. I had 3 sessions with Caroline and had no idea what to expect, I was completely blown away with the ‘stuff’ I released. I feel amazing, like a weight has been lifted and I am so much lighter and happier. Things are FINALLY starting to move for me, thank you Caroline.

- Linda, Noosa QLD

I went to see Caroline to address anxiety that was affecting my ability to further develop in the workplace but was also starting to creep into my day to day life. I have always been better in small group environments however have never really addressed why. I have put off dealing with this, putting it down to just my personality however I have come to a stage in my life where I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin and confident in who I am. Caroline made the experience very relaxed and comfortable. Caroline brings a wealth of life experiences and a genuine warmth and care for her clients that is such gift.

- Sarina, Melbourne VIC

When I went to see Caroline I was in a pretty anxious state. She skilfully identified what was going on for me and safely walked me through the process step by step. Caroline's insights and skills and her total lack of judgment made me feel safe enough for the tears to start flowing within about 2 minutes! I felt such a huge relief. Caroline is a wise, down to earth, skilled, insightful practitioner who makes change happen quickly. I'd highly recommend her!

- Pippa, Sydney NSW

Having attended numerous self-development courses and worked with a few coaches, I was astounded at the simplicity of Caroline’s Changing Your Money Mindset course. The adjustments I felt in myself throughout the course all seemed too easy, yet I have walked away from this course with amazing clarity of purpose and have seen results come through quickly.

I also found having a personal session with Caroline cleared other concerns that were lurking in the depths of my mind.

I would highly recommend to anyone considering doing a Money course to consider this course. Even if you are financially stable, this course allows you to get to know yourself better. I found this course easier and quicker and more effective than years working with other coaches was able to do for me.

- Clare, Melbourne VIC

Caroline was a great facilitator always explaining her techniques clearly and encouraging us to think deeply about something key to everyone's wellbeing - money. It was especially useful for me to be in a group environment and to learn that I was not alone in my anxieties around money. I found the exercises useful and the insights gained from them have been liberating. I feel more confident and my transactions around money are lighter. Thanks, Caroline, and all the best in spreading the message.

- Bo, Melbourne

I have loved working with Caroline from my very first session. She is very easy to talk to and a wonderful listener. Her sessions are different to all other sessions I have done previously, hard to explain how, but what I have achieved from my time spent with Caroline has made a very big difference in my life. I could not recommend her more highly, and I think anyone would benefit from their time spent with her. She is kind, warm, understanding and talks from experience which I have found to be the best form of understanding other peoples problems. It is great to be able to get advise from someone you feel you can trust, feel comfortable with and make you feel better about yourself. Each session has been a learning experience.

- Kay Collings

I came to Caroline carrying the debilitating trauma of a long abusive marriage to a narcissist . Caroline has guided me with such compassion, empathy and professionalism back to a place where I have found myself again. She has empowered me with tools and knowledge that will keep me strong and tracking in the right direction. Five stars does not seem enough given how profoundly she has impacted my life in so many positive ways. Caroline has my eternal gratitude and highest recommendation.

- Marlee Ranacher

Oh my heavens!! What a wonderful practitioner is Caroline! She is absolutely sincere and committed in her approach with just the right amount of empathy and challenge offered during a session with her. If you need help with a problem, or are just plain stuck in your thinking or in your own feelings, please do yourself a huge favour and go and see her…….

- Apple Pies

I started my hypnotherapy sessions with Caroline in May 2023. We first did a non-hypnotherapy session that I found to be incredibly healing. It was after my second session that included full hypnosis that I found my self-discipline increased a lot in terms of the sugar cravings I've battled with for a decade and a half. I'm currently 5 weeks in and have noticed a real drop in sugar cravings with a 100% success rate after my first hypnosis session. A heartfelt thanks to Caroline. I found her to be be down to earth, kind and someone I could let my guard down with and trust. Best wishes.

- Dale-Luc Solomon-Ferreira

I would recommend Caroline to anyone considering hypnotherapy! This was my first experience with this form of treatment and I can 100% say it has had a lasting positive effect on me, Caroline is a true professional and has a way of making you feel comfortable in her presence. Couldn't be happier with her work!

- Muireann Grogan

Caroline has been amazing to work with. From the first session I noticed a difference in how felt over long term issues. Things I have never been able to quite resolve have been settled almost immediately. She is kindness and warmth and I look forward to each session I have with her. I can not recommend her enough, she is a gift and I'm grateful to have been able to work with her.

- Ghi

Had a Psych-K session with Caroline a while back. Caroline is great for dissolving any money blocks that you might have and also a really great person. Highly recommend her.

- Bryan Leonard

Dearest Caroline, thank you for seeing me through so many tangles in my mind, from the issues of my childhood to my current contemporary issues. Sometimes I don’t know where to start or where to go at the beginning of our sessions; however with a bit of coaxing and feedback, you find the main string that needs to be pulled to unravel the confusion in my mind.

I have learned so much from you. Each time we have a session I learn more about myself because you open a space where I can breathe and integrate. In this space I have been able to understand myself, my triggers, my parts, and my experience but everything is much less scary because you’re guiding me through it. When we have a session, it feels like the hamster wheel in my mind morphs into a scenic train journey, I enjoy my mind and everything it brings. Your sessions have changed how I interact with my loved ones and myself, I have become much kinder to myself and everyone around me.

Caroline, your knowledge is vast, every session works but at the same time feels different. When we work together, I can feel my mind soften, sensations in my body change, and defiantly, my mindset shifts. I really appreciate our time together, thank you for working with me.

- Stephanie

Wow wow wow - where to start when working with Caroline. Her gifts and talents go far beyond the words on a website. Caroline has an incredible ability to extract information and use it in her sessions to help you move forward with particular issues that may have been a little sticky or messy. In my case there were some issues that were holding me back from fully expressing myself to myself and beyond. I cannot speak highly enough of the sessions I have had with Caroline over the last 4 months. Many many thanks for everything - you are a shining light!! ❤️❤️

- Nicki Thomson

Caroline you are truly an amazing women with such a kind heart and so knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas in your field. I’m just not sure where I’d be without you!! You have gone above and beyond in my time of need and I am so very grateful to you.

I have struggled with quite a few traumatic events in my life as well as a lot of Illness and as a result have suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. The layers of my condition are many and varied but Caroline has always had such patience when working with me, assuring me the whole way through that mindsets CAN change and going deeper into an issue and resolving it doesn’t have to mean reliving it all over again. It is a process and a journey which I am gladly taking with Caroline. She is a Godsend in my eyes and I feel very lucky and blessed to have found her.

Trust your instincts, book a session, be open minded and get back on top because the help you need is right here.

- Nareeda Collings

I had such a remarkable experience with Caroline, I can’t recommend her or her services highly enough. I believe the process would help anyone who is genuine about wanting to improve their quality of life. For myself it was all about being able to process and release emotions from past events that I didn’t even realise had been affecting me in the way I was able to manage my day to day life stresses. Caroline was able to help me pinpoint and release past suppressed and undealt with emotions from events, some I had completely forgotten about. Once we did, I was met with an overall feeling of calmness and being at peace. As the weeks go by my anxieties have diminished dramatically and my ability to get through situations that once triggered me has improved out of sight. If you are considering seeing Caroline at all and are serious about wanting to make positive change to your life. You have nothing to lose, do yourself a favour. Thank you Caroline, keep doing what you do : )

- David `Smyth

Divine serendipity led me to Caroline Connor. It happened at the end of a particularly dreary day in the doldrums of a most painful depression. Oh, let me tell you--being in the grips of inconsolable grief, while feeling devastated by a consecutive series of traumatic events, along with a relatively stubborn and deep depression had me standing at the edge of a very, very high precipice. All the while, my body, mind, spirit and soul felt frozen in time. What a miserable place to be, wouldn't you say? Then, right out of the blue, I came across Caroline's video clip where she tells us who she is and why she does this incredible, transformative therapeutic process with those of us who need it the most.

It's a process of clearing; of overcoming what's blocking us. Caroline is, in a word, a Healer. I felt this intuitive inspiration to reach out to her, and I did! For the first time ever, I felt it was ok to say "I need help. Caroline, would you please help me?" To which she replied--without hesitation--"Yes, of course!" (Here comes the best part) "Caroline, do you ever work with people outside Australia?" Again she said "Yes, I do!" Now, the kicker: "Even if that person is three time zones away in North America?" Without skipping a beat, Caroline replied "Sure, that won't be a problem." (!!!) This is what I mean by Divine serendipity--only a Higher Power could have synchronized these events to occur as they did. And thank heavens, for I believe I lived to tell this story because Caroline Connor was put in my path to help me start healing. I've just completed several months of sessions with Caroline. Some people might need fewer sessions, some people might need more. I am thrilled with the substantial progress I've made during my time with Caroline. 

You see, I no longer feel "frozen in time." What blessed relief!

If anyone reading this is struggling with trauma, grief, anxiety depression, or all the above (as I was) I do strongly recommend that you contact her--no charge for the first chat. Caroline is a gifted healer with an exceptionally kind and gentle manner. She will bring out the best in you by helping to remove whatever pile of debris is keeping you down. She can and she will help you to stand up and fly right once again, just like she did with me.

- Ana Fuentes

I am so happy that I followed my friend’s recommendation and saw Caroline. She is fantastic. The sessions were really successful and helped me to address an issue I thought I could not achieve. Turns out I could! Incredible. I then sent my daughter with a completely different problem and it was a huge relief for her too. I can recommend Caroline from the depth of my heart.

- Sabine

I highly recommend getting in touch with Caroline and booking in a session!

As someone who was initially apprehensive about hypnosis and other similar tools being legitimate, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

From the initial phone consultation Caroline put my fears at ease and made the whole experience a relaxed and simple process.

After using traditional talk therapy in the past with no real results, one session with Caroline was all it took for me to see noticeable difference in the way I think and also the actions I take.

We worked on changing some negative beliefs I had about myself and the change was quite profound. Caroline doesn’t “fix” your issues, she gently helps you to change the way you see yourself and the change comes from there.

I’ll definitely be booking more sessions and have already recommended her to friends!!

- Neil Standish

Caroline literally saved my life. When my traumas and triggers would pop up and send me into a downward spiral I had no idea what to do and it was terrifying. Talking to people/professionals always made me feel worse because saying things out loud meant reliving them. I could see how badly it was affecting my life and relationships and I still had no control over myself and my responses to situations. Luckily a friend recommended Caroline's services and I have never looked back!

She has given me a safe place to unpack and heal whilst also teaching me about the skills I need to help myself. Being a little more educated on trauma throughout this journey has been extremely helpful and Caroline has shared that knowledge and wisdom with me through book recommendations, videos/docos and conversations. To be honest, I don't know if I would have survived the last 3 years if I hadn't started these sessions, I highly doubt it.

Thank you for all of the work that you do Caroline! It's truly a blessing to have someone like you sharing your light and assisting people in their growth and healing.

- Natalie