Combining my experience as a Life Coach and Results Coach with my other techniques allows me to offer a more therapeutic style of coaching, as well as traditional coaching. You don't just heal, you can completely transform your life.

Therapeutic coaching is useful for clients who have experienced childhood trauma and did not benefit from what is referred to as 'good enough parenting’. They missed out on basic emotional management and goal setting, and need help just knowing how to 'be' in life. Some don't need therapy, all they need is coaching.

And others– once we have worked through some unresolved stuff that has kept them hidden and inwardly focused for way too long – like to keep going with the coaching aspect and are ready and open to a complete new life.

Weight and/or health goals    Income goals     Trading goals    Starting a business    Career change    Life transitions    Separation and divorce

What a Life Coaching session with me looks like

Step 1:

Where are
you now?

Step 2:

Where do you
want to be?

Step 3:

What's getting
in the way?

Some of the Benefits of Coaching
  1. Navigating transitions and life changes with ease
  2. Learn how to set goals and experience the high of achieving them
  3. Improves your relationships
  4. Helps you identify and overcome self-doubt, develop a positive mindset, and build unshakeable self-assurance
  5. Boosts your self confidence
  6. Can help you accomplish more and achieve balance in your life.

Life coaching and therapeutic coaching combined have the potential to facilitate profound personal transformation. Life coaching provides a structured framework for setting and achieving goals, while therapeutic coaching uncovers and heals emotional wounds. This combination allows you to really break free from self-limiting beliefs, overcome past traumas, and create lasting change in your life. By integrating these approaches, we can unlock your full potential and experience a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.



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